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Clothing Retail Industry Guide

The ultimate guide to researching men's, women's, and children's clothing and accessories retail

Industry Reports & Statistics

The databases below contain industry overviews, analysis, and statistics.  Use each resource to  gather a significant understanding of the clothing retail and accessories industry.  

Use the  "Tips" tabs  for specific search tips, keywords,  and strategies for each database.

  • Search for clothing, accessories, handbag, jewelry, etc. to find relevant U.S. industry reports
  • Note that our subscription is just for the U.S. reports.  We do not have access to the State or Country reports. 
  • Passport has a number of relevant reports for both the United States and dozens of other countries.  Use the Search box to search for:
    • Apparel and Footwear in [Insert Country Name]
    • Apparel and Footwear Specialist Retailers in [insert Country Name]
    • Department Stores in [insert country name]
  • Be sure to check out the "Related" tab for each report


How to Find Clothing, Apparel, and Accessories Retail Information in Passport

The video below demonstrates how to use Passport to quickly find reports and data for the industry. 


  • A search for "clothing" or "apparel" finds useful reports for
    • Clothing Stores
    • Shoe Stores
    • Department Stores
    • and more
  • a search for clothing industry, clothing retail, specific brands, company names, etc. yields relevant statistics
  • Use the "Source" tab to find additional information