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Tips and tools to research startup business ideas, consumers, industries, and locations.

Who are my customers and how can I understand them better?

After you get a good idea about the larger industry, you’ll want to research the consumers in your market.  Market research reports, data, and statistics found in the resources below are an excellent place to start.

Tools for understanding consumers

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Mintel is especially useful when researching demogrpahic groups.  For example, you'll find reports on topics such as marketing to millenials, marketing to moms, etc.  

Mintel is also very useful in understanding consumers for specific products and services.  Use Mintel to understand who buys what, how much, when, why, and how often. 

Check out my guide for Tips & Tricks on Using Simmons.

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The video below can help you get a quick understanding of how to use SimplyAnalytics.

If you have a business idea that you are looking to pitch, you’ll want to understand the local market and consumers in the area. This video demonstrates how to find consumer demand for products and services, consumer demographics, and competitors in a prospective business location, using SimplyAnaltics.