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Entrepreneurship & New Business

Tips and tools to research startup business ideas, consumers, industries, and locations.

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Company Research Guide

Tips for finding public and private company information, histories, financials, stock reports, and news.

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Industry Research Guide

Tips for finding industry analysis, industry financial ratios, market research, industry news for industry research.

What is the outlook and what are trends for the larger industry and market?

  • The resources below will help you understand the industry or industries in which you will operate. 

Tools for broad industry research

  • IbisWorld is a great resource to get a broad understanding of large industries within the United States.

  • Use this as an introduction to industries to become more familiar with what’s happening in your prospective industry.


  • First Research is a nice compliment to IbisWorld and will also cover broad industries.

  • Use First Research to get a different perspective on the industry than IbisWorld offers.


  • Use Statista to find statistics your industry, consumers, and potential competitors. 


  • Use Business Source Complete to find trade publications about the industry in which your new company will operate. 
  • Trade Publications can give you "insider" information into what's happening in an industry.