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How to Cite Business & Economics Databases

Best Practices in Citing Databases in APA 7th Edition


Passport has many types of reports and data available, and I have included the most common options below.  If you cite a different type of information, just try to follow the formats below and be as consistent as possible.  Note that for cases where the database is the author, I suggest using Euromonitor International as the author, then cite the database name (Passport) after the report. 

Is you cite a consumer industry report as shown below,  note that Passport calls these either "country reports" or "industry reports."  I have chosen to describe them all as [Industry report].  

Euromonitor International. (2020, February). Footwear in the Czech Republic. [Industry report]. Passport.


For the broader (less industry focus) reports, I chose to describe these as [Country report].

Euromonitor International. (2020, January 20). Business dynamics: Bangladesh. [Country report]. Passport.


You can also create data tables with Passport for company shares, brand shares, economic statistics, etc.   You will cite this as [Data set].  Note that there isn't a date for the data, so you must use the Retrieved date. I also added the countries analyzed in the data set in parethesis.  

Euromonitor International. (n.d.). Market sizes: footwear (Czech Republic, Hungary, and Germany). [Data set]. Passport. Retrieved October 14, 2020 from