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How to Cite Business & Economics Databases

Best Practices in Citing Databases in APA 7th Edition


Reports from Mintel will usually list a person as the author and have a publication date.  Also, the month and year is usually included in the title.  While it may look weird to have the date listed twice in the citation, and even more strange to have the dashes in the title,  I believe the citation is thorough and correct.    Note that I have used [Market report] to describe the report and have included the database name. 

Hennigan, Claire. (2020, September 24). Perceptions of beauty across generations: Incl impact  of COVID-19 - US - September 2020. [Market report]. Mintel.


You can also use Mintel to create tables and graphs using the Interactive Databook.  These should be cited as [Data set].  Because the databook is not attribute to a person as the author, I cited Mintel as the author.  Note that while the title is a bit complicated and awkward, it does give the reader a clear idea where to find the data. 

Mintel. (2020, September). Perceptions of beauty across generations: Incl impact of COVID-19 - US - September 2020 (Interactive satabook: Beauty routine demographics). [Data set].