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How to Cite Business & Economics Databases

Best Practices in Citing Databases in APA 7th Edition

D&B Hoovers

If you use company information (sales, financial information, history, etc.) from  D&B Hoovers, cite as [Company profile].

D&B Hoovers. (n.d.). The Home Depot Inc. [Company profile]. Retrieved October 12, 2020, from


If you build a list of companies or executives in D&B Hoovers, I suggest you cite the list you create with brackets.  Be as descriptive as possible as this can help the reader replicate the search to create the same list. 

D&B Hoovers (n.d.). [List of home improvement stores with more than 100 employees in Ohio]. Retrieved October 12, 2020, from


D&B Hoovers also contains content that lists other organizations or people as the author or creator of the source.  Individual news articles and analyst reports should be cited with the original citation information:

Basham, S & Friedman, N. (2020, August 19). 2Q20 review: Outstanding quarter, but likely will trail Lowe's again. Wedbush Securities Inc. [Analyst report]. D&B Hoovers.