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Company Research

Tips for finding public and private company information, histories, financials, stock reports, and news.

Tools for comparing companies

  • Mergent Online is the top choice for in-depth comparisons of companies. 
  • Use to compare company revenues, ratios, size, number of employees, and more.
  • Begin by searching for a company, then click on the competitors tab
  • You can build a list of companies to compare, as demonstrated in the video below.
Search Tips

If you are doing a company analysis, you will definitely want to benchmark your company against other companies in the same industry. ; This video shows you how to compare companies with competitors in Mergent Online.

  • If you just need a quick list of competitors, D&B Hoover's is a good choice.
  • Search for your company, then look for the "Competitors List" link on the left side of the company profile page. 
  • Use Mergent Intellect to build a list of companies, both public and private, by industry.
  • You can then choose the "Build Files" feature to download custom criteria to compare companies.
  • Note that  you will not be able to compare private, international, and public companies across all criteria due to availability of information.