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Athletic Training, Exercise Physiology, & Physical Therapy

This guide points out some of our many resources that are relevant to the field. As well as great tutorials and tips for searching, citing, finding, and evaluating information and resources.

Tutorials & Self-Guided Tour!


Have no idea where to start? ArticlesPlus will do the trick!


After watching video 2, search for the topic 'child abuse’ in ArticlesPlus. Locate a book as well as a journal article published in the last 10 years. Make sure you able to get full-text to the article and keep this article open while you proceed to part 3.

Scholarly vs. Peer Review

A scholarly resource is a resource that is written by an expert in their field. Some things on a scholarly resource, specifically a scholarly article, would be: publication information (what journal is this article from?), Author(s)’ names and affiliations, references/citations, and a general ‘formal’ appearance. May or may not have a DOI (digital object identification) number. See below or here!

A scholarly source is not always peer-reviewed or refereed. Peer-review means that the scholarly source has been reviewed by several peers before it has been published. This is not to say that scholarly articles are not reviewed before publication, but Peer-review normally means it was reviewed more diligently by other experts in the same field. You may have to check the journal’s website to REALLY know if it is peer-review.

Go through part 3 and  identify if the article you found during part 2 is scholarly, and even peer-reviewed.

Watch video 4 and decide if you would use your article for a research paper. Why?

Once completed, search for ALICE a book of your choice. You can search for a specific title, like the Hunger Games, or search by keyword as you did in ArticlesPlus. Answer the following questions:

  1. Does Alden Library have this book? If so, is it a physical item or eBook? Where is it located? Can you find it on OhioLink to borrow from another library?

  2. If Alden Library does not have this book, is it at a regional campus? Can you find it on OhioLink to borrow from another library?

Click on the image of the library below and it will take you to our webpage to explore the library and what is on each floor!

Alden Library Floor Plan and Guide

Hanna's Highlights:

Floor 1- Group study rooms, the Ohio University Press, and silent section for studying

Floor 2- Printers, Group study rooms, the Academic Achievement Center (AAC), the Help Desk, and Cafe Bibliotech (coffee!)

Floor 3- the Fine Arts section and the Faculty Commons now is the Co-Lab!

Floor 4- the Help Desk, very Quiet Study room, and current periodicals

Floor 5- Archives and Special Collections (Mahn Center), Government Documents, and quiet study space

Floor 6- Social Work section is HV

Floor 7- Children's section

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Organize Your Resources!--> You will thank me later

Using Zotero or another citation manger, I promise, will make your life much easier and you will thank yourself later. With Zotero you can easily collect citation information as you search, and then pull it out later as you are reading and writing. It will also help you create citations, and it is free.

Step-by-Step Download Instructions (Zotero does not work with Chromebooks)

  1. Download the program Zotero 5.0
  2. Download a browser plugin (Safari, Chrome, or Firefox) that will allow you to add content to Zotero. Note that Zotero does not support Internet Explorer. The files for the connectors are under the software downloads on Zotero's site. You can also find the Zotero Connector as an app in Chrome.
  3. Make sure you create a free Zotero account so you can sync your library (5.0 software) to your connector. Do not use your OU email, use a Gmail or Yahoo. Activate your Zotero account via the email sent.  
  4. Once you have downloaded Zotero, you may have to go to your browser preferences to ensure the Zotero Icon will show on your bookmark toolbar
  5. In order for Zotero to appear in your Microsoft ribbon/toolbar, you may have to re-start your computer. Using the Zotero Microsoft Word Add-in tips and information.

Getting Started with Zotero - Full directions here


Getting AMA Style, or other styles, into Zotero