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Family and Consumer Science Education

Resources for the FCS Education program of the Patton College of Education at Ohio University.

What Jobs Exist in this Field?

Librarian Trick for Finding Career Stuff

medieval scholarHere’s a librarian-y way to get good articles or books about your career .

1. Click on "advanced search" in ALICE or Articles Plus

2. On the first line, enter your career, using “or” to get both the name of the profession and the name of the people in the profession. 


  •    nursing or nurses 
  •    accounting or accountants 
  •    engineers or engineering 

3. On the second line, copy and paste this string:

        career* or job* or employ* or occupation* or vocation*

4. Click on the Search button.

  • Note:  If you are getting too much stuff, try changing the drop-down boxes to “title.” 
  • Note #2: If you aren't getting enough stuff, think of broader terms for your career, for ex; "Health care" instead of "RNP"
  • Note #3:  the stars mean, "search for this string of letters plus anything else that comes stuck to it"                                                                                                                   for ex: employ* = employee, employer, employment, etc.