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Tourism & Hospitality

More Business Databases We are Likely to Need

Under "Start Here" You have already seen

Here are three more:  

Business Source Complete:  Articles targeted for business research are here. 

1. If I search here on an industry, such as "tourism," I can then limit (left side bar) by "source type." Click "show more" to see these options: market research report, industry profile, swot analysis."source types" in Business Source complete search: market research report, industry profile, swot analysis.













Mintel Academic: We recently bought a set of reports dealing with tourism in Mintel.

1. First  click "I agree" to the terms of use and create a login.

 2. Search "tourism" to see a list of current topics & reports.  


Passport GMID: (Euromonitor): Reports about industries.  It takes a few steps to get to travel info:

1. "Accept"  the "terms and conditions".

2. From the "industries" dropdown, choose "travel," under "services"

3. From the next page, you have all sorts of options to look at reports by particular countries, by particular companies, by global trend, by infographic.  You have to click a choice and then click "Go."


More Business Info Sources

Chad Boeninger, OU's Business Librarian, has a series of resource guides for business applications. 

 Picture of Chad Boeninger, the business Librarian

     These can all be found by searching on the library home page, but here I've featured the ones I think we would be likely to use.  

Most of his pages include videos on how to search that thing.  I use these a lot.