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ALICE Catalog

ALICE lists the books, videos,  magazines, journals, newspapers, & etc. in OU’s libraries.

Careful: use Articles Plus to find articles; use ALICE to find books.

Travel Guides

Library Call Numbers = Places To Look for Books in Alden

Note: for every call number, more items might be shelved in Reference (2nd floor), Reserves (4th floor), or Oversize Shelves (3rd, 6th, 7th floors).

G 149-156.9 6th floor Tourism
GT 2400-5286 6th floor Customs, Events, Tourism
HD 900-9499 6th floor Food Business & Industry
TX 1-539 7th floor   Food, Nutrition, Food Culture, Food Safety  
TX 540 – 599 7th floor Food chemistry & Analysis
TX 600-889 7th floor Cookbooks
TX 900-1000 7th floor Hotel and Restaurant Management