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A research guide for students in Sociology.

Where Can I Get Thoughtful Analysis of Important Questions?

These publications are considered sources of good, deep, factual analysis. 

  • Which doesn't mean everything they publish is perfect, or unbiased, or worth reading. 
  • You have to use your powers of analysis to analyze the analyzer.  But you're good at that. 

Below I have linked to the library's electronic subscription. 

  • I recommend looking at the PDF of an article when available; you will have to login. (Yeah! free access via the library!) 
  • That way you can search within the publication for subjects of your choosing, and our subscription will let you read everything.  

I've also added the online links where I can. 

  • Which may offer more or less than the print-accessible-with-a-library-subscription-online version, such as multimedia items. 
  • Sometimes you hit a pay wall for an article online; in that case, go back to the library version

Chart of Political Leanings of News Sources


This is a simpler version of a chart that has grown to become its own website which is often updated.  


Media Bias Chart 3.1


Source: Media Bias Chart