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A research guide for students in Sociology.

We Are Not Going to Run Out of Places to Look

The theory is :

The more voices, the more disciplines, the more sources we bring into the discussion, the closer to truth and wisdom (and therefore right action) we are likely to get.  

This is an idea list, a brain-jogger; did you think of this possibility? Where would you find such a thing? What else can you think of? 

  • local experts  
  • exhibits, exhibit catalogs or websites
  • newspapers, local newspapers, underground newspapers
  • maps
  • surveys
  • travelogues, travel guides 
  • TV shows
  • News transcripts: radio, TV, web
  • The Wayback Machine
  • artifacts in museums, private collections
  • blogs, discussions
  • photos: historic, Instagram, FB, books, personal 
  • Letters, papers, notes, ephemera
  • diaries
  • school assignments, college papers, unpublished research
  • data from primary research
  • statistics
  • reports of think tanks, political groups, research centers, government agencies
  • conversations, interviews, e-mails, chats, phone texts
  • annotated bibliographies, published bibliographies, literature review articles, reference lists
  • zines
  • autograph book
  • records of motels, churches, schools, doctors
  • online reviews of people, services, stores, products, hotels, restaurants
  • sketch books
  • magazines
  • instruction manuals, self-help books, etiquette books
  • pamphlets
  • flyers, posters, advertisements
  • inventories, probate records
  • legal documents, divorces, settlements, court proceedings
  • oral histories, family stories
  • myth, legend, tales, novels
  • portraits, art, sketchbooks, crafts, DIY
  • What ISN'T there? 
  • dictionaries
  • architecture, interior design, furnishings
  • syllabi, study guides, Power Point slides
  • info in archaic media: 8-tracks, floppy disks, edison rolls
  • music, lyrics
  • dance
  • games, amusements, children's chants, sports, recreation