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POLS 1010: Politics in the United States

Updated Fall 2022. Dr. Linda Trautman.

Topic Overviews

​Using tertiary* sources can be really helpful if you need help getting a broad understanding of a topic.  These are some tertiary sources that are related to political science: 

  • CQ Press Political Reference Suite of Online Editions contains reference works on government and politics including CQ Almanac and CQ Researcher.
  • CQ Researcher features reports on current policy issues and trends in areas including social movements, law and justice, environmental issues, international relations, and human rights.
  • Routledge Politics and International Relations Online is a collection of encyclopedias, dictionaries, and biographical sources on topics relating to political science. Search full content of all titles or browse by subject, book, or A-Z entries.
  • Gale ebooks is a large collection of online encyclopedias, dictionaries, biographical compilations, and other reference tools.

*Tertiary sources are publications that summarize and digest the information in primary and secondary sources to provide background on a topic, idea, or event. (definition from Michael Engle, Cornell University Library)

Subjects: Political Science