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POLS 1010: Politics in the United States

Updated Fall 2022. Dr. Linda Trautman.

Political Science Databases

The following database is specific to research being done by political scientists:  

  • Political Science Complete has full text articles for over 550 journals and indexing/abstracting for over 2,900. It also contains full-text reference books, monographs and conference papers, including those of the International Political Science Association.

Other Relevant Databases

The following databases include journal articles in interdisciplinary and related fields.

Access a Specific Journal

If you know you need an article from a specific journal, you can search for the journal title using ALICE.

You can also browse Political Science journals in ALICE.


Articles Plus is a single database which searches the contents of more than 200 databases all at the same time, including: 

  • All EBSCO databases that we have
  • All JSTOR journals that we have
  • Several newspaper databases
  • ALICE Catalog (books, videos, names of magazines, journals, and newspapers, and more)
  • ...and much more

Articles Plus does not include everything. We subscribe to many other databases--including about two dozen from ProQuest--that are not included in Articles Plus. To find and use these, go to the  database list -- or let us help you

Subjects: Political Science