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ORCiD iD @Ohio University

Use Your ORCID

Make changes to your ORCID profile using your Ohio ID: If you want to quickly jump on to your ORCID profile to make changes, you don't have to remember your ORCID login--you can use your Ohio credentials. On the ORCID sign-in page, just select "Access through your institution" and you'll be prompted for your Ohio ID and password. 

Connect your ORCID to your Ohio University Watermark Faculty Success Profile - To pre-populate your Ohio University Faculty Success (formally Digital Measures) profile, click on data share settings once you are logged in. Then activate and log into your ORCID profile to accept data sharing and that so pre-population of your profile!

Make your ORCID profile public: This maximizes the visibility of your research, and options for integrating your ORCID account with other systems.

Add name variations to your ORCID profile: If you have published under other names, be sure this is reflected in your ORCID profile.

Use your ORCID ID: Provide your ID as prompted when submitting manuscripts and grant proposals.

Link your ORCID ID: Link your ORCID to other services including Scopus Author ID, figshare, and professional organizations.

Display your ORCID ID: You may want to include your ORCID on posters, webpages, email signature lines, blogs, and social media accounts--anyplace where you'd like to refer others to the body of your research.

Trusted Individuals

Anyone can add a trusted individual who can make changes and updates to your ORCID profile. This trusted individual can make edits to any part of your profile but they will not be able to change your password, change your email, or delete your profile.

Once logged into your ORCID profile click on your name from the right-hand top corner and select Settings. 






More information about the Trusted Individual can be found from the ORCID website

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