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ORCiD iD @Ohio University

How To Register

Create Your ORCID iD

If you do not already have an ORCID iD, you need to create one by registering on the ORCID website. Once there, click on "Register Now" and follow the prompts. It is recommended that you use your email address. 

Add Your Affiliation and Education

After you create your ORCiD ID, take an extra 30 seconds to add your affiliation, that is your graduate program or your employment (faculty at Ohio University), as well as all the variations of your name in your record. This could include any abbreviations you use professionally (initials and/or a nickname, for example) as well as other names you are or have been known by. ORCiD is set up to allow as many different names, variations, and combinations of names as you need! Without this extra data, anyone searching for you by name alone will still be unable to distinguish you from someone else with the same name as you. In addition you can add . These steps make your profile more robust and enhances your discoverability and visibility. 

Add Your Scholarly Works

Adding works to your ORCID iD is a simple process. From the Works section of your ORCID iD profile, click on the plus sign and select "Search &  link" from the drop-down box. From there you'll be prompted to select which link wizard to pull your works from. 

We suggest you start with the following link wizards to import your citations: 

  • CrossRef Metadata Search: Allows you to import from a registry of more than 70 million articles, conference proceedings, books, and book chapters that have received DOIs upon publication

  • Scopus to ORCID: Allows you to import citations for articles indexed in Scopus

  • MLA International Bibliography: Allows you to import from MLA International Bibliography


Add Works From Google Scholar

Many of you may already have a Google Scholar profile and ORCID allows you to import your works from Google Scholar as well.  

How to do it: 

  1. Go to your Google Scholar profile page
  2. Select the works you want to export
  3. Click the "Export" drop-down and select BibTeX
  4. Copy and paste the text to Notepad or other text editor
  5. Save the file to your computer as a .bib file with UTF-8 Encoding
  6. Go to the Works section of your ORCID and click on "Add BibTeX"
  7. Upload file from computer

ORCID has more information on how to import citations from your Google Scholar account by following their detailed directions on how importing from a BibTeX file

Add Works Manually

Sometimes there are works get missed by following the above options for importing our contributions. We can always add our works manually. 

From the Works section of your ORCID iD profile, click on the plus sign and select "Add Manually" from the drop-down box. 

Once selected, a pop-up will ask you to fill in the citation information for your works. 

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