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ORCiD iD @Ohio University

What is ORCID iD?

Green ORCID iD logo. Ohio University Libraries are pleased to be active members of the ORCiD Community. ORCID iD (Open Researcher & Contributor ID) provides a unique digital name or iD that distinguishes researchers from one another. Over the course of a career, researchers might change names or encounter others with the same or similar name as their own. Once you sign up for your ORCID iD, you will be assigned a specific ID number that will differentiate you from others. Your ORCID iD is yours and will follow you no matter where your career takes you. Because it is your iD, you have control on what information is included.

Creating an ORCID iD is not just for tracking article and book citations and impact. You can link to data sets, data management plans, artistic work and performances, images, patents, and much more.  



ORCiD Content for Ohio University:

Benefits of ORCID iD

Benefits for Faculty

  • Quick, easy, and fast way to track your output

  • Enhance and increase your research visibility

  • Add all of your certifications and education

  • You have control on what information is public and what is private 

  • Your affiliations (past and present) will be correctly identified 

  • Get your scholarly and creative works accurately assigned to you

  • Connect your ORCID record to a growing number of funders and publishers

  • Connect your ORCID to Watermark Faculty Success to save time maintaining your profile, ORCID will pre-populate it for you!

Benefits for Students

Everything listed above plus:

  • Add your ORCID iD to your thesis or dissertation  

  • Your ORCID iD will follow you throughout your entire career

  • You control your record and what is included with three levels of privacy

  • Share your record with future universities and employers

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