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Opioid Crisis Research

This guide is designed to inform you about the Opioid Crisis and provide research resources specific to the topic.

Image of College Green on Ohio University Campus

Opioid Research from Ohio University: A Selection

Finding OHIO University Faculty & Student Work

SCOPUS is a database that allows for a specific search by Authors, Affiliations, and subject. This is the database that was used to search for the Ohio University Department Research. 

Here are two ways to search SCOPUS for research from your college:

  1. At the SCOPUS search page click on Advanced
  2. Use the same techniques in the "How to search a database" tab. I searched Opioid AND "Ohio University"
  3. When you click on a result, under its name will be the authors and the affiliations. If you do not see "Ohio University" at first, click on view additional affiliations 


  1. At the SCOPUS search page click on Affiliations
  2. Type in your affiliation. I typed in Ohio University
  3. Determine your subject area you want to search in. I choose Medicine
  4. Last, on the left hand side of the results it will say "Search within results..." I typed in Opioid 

ProQuest: Dissertations and Theses @ Ohio University - database searches the work of Ohio University alumni students. This was used to find the Graduate Student Research linked above.

The link automatically searches for Ohio University student work only. You can choose to search by subject in the top search bar and follow the same rules as presented on the "How to Search a Database" page. Below this there are more option where it can also be searched by author, advisor, etc.