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Opioid Crisis Research

This guide is designed to inform you about the Opioid Crisis and provide research resources specific to the topic.

Online Opioid Resources

National Institute of Health on Drug Abuse

  • Gives basic definition and summary of opioids and opioid overdoses

U.S. Department of Health and Human Resources

  • An Extension of the Website with Information on Opioids, Prevention, Disposal, Treatment, Recovery, and the Epidemic 

Medline Plus

  • Gives a Description, Frequency Statistics, Causes, Inheritance Information, and other Resources

World Health Organization 

  • Opioids Information, Overdose Statistics, Risk Factors, Response, Treatment, and Recommendations

Centers for Disease Control (CDC)

  • Gives Term Definitions, Epidemic Info, and Info on Heroin & Fentanyl

Library Research Databases


Searches from Medical Literature from Several Different Sources 


Search by Document title, Authors, and their Affiliations 


Multi search tool for health related topics allowing the choice of where the information or what kind information is wanted for the search