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Music and Dance Library Orientation

The Space

The Music and Dance Library can be found near the elevator on the fifth floor of Glidden Hall (the music building). Inside the library you will find computers, study tables, soft seating, and many scores, recordings, and books. There is also an AV Room where you can view or listen to recordings in almost any format. 

The Music and Dance Library is a great place to study, to attend tutoring sessions, and to get help with your research or finding a score.

Technology available at the Music and Dance Library for your use :

  • Computers: Twelve Apple iMacs and five Microsoft Windows PC's
  • Software: Adobe Creative Suite, Auralia, Boardmaker, Finale, Macgamut, and Musition
  • Peripherals: black and white printer, 2 large-bed scanners, 2 MIDI keyboards
  • AV equipment: record player, Blu-Ray player, VHS player, cassette tape player, 40-inch flat-screen HDTV, studio-quality speakers
Subjects: Music