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Music and Dance Library Orientation

The Resources

The Music and Dance Library collections provide you with access to scores, recordings, and databases to support your success as a music student. Best of all, you can borrow almost everything!

The numbers:

  • 30,597 books about music, dance, and related disciplines
  • 42,137 scores in all formats, e.g., full, performance, study, collected works editions of individual composers
  • 39,484 recordings in most formats--CDs, LPs (i.e., vinyl), DVDs, yes, even cassette tapes and videotapes. All of which can be watched or listened to in the AV Room in the Music and Dance Library. Want to take a CD or DVD home but don't have the proper drive in your computer? We lend external disc drives for 24 hours at a time.
  • Many periodicals, both current subscriptions and archival volumes

Finding things:

WARNING: Much can be found online, but how reliable are the results and how much are you expected to pay? The library provides all of the above for you free of charge!

Subjects: Music