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Audio Examples

All of our CDs are cataloged and listed in ALICE. They're stored behind the circulation desk, so you'll have to bring us a call number and we'll pull the discs for you. Of course we're also happy to help you find the call number! Here are some tips for searching ALICE for recordings.

  • Composers, performers, conductors, and ensembles may all be searched as authors.
  • A title search is good for finding the titles of albums. It often works for titles of classical compositions. It rarely works for song titles. Pick a couple of unique words from the song title and do a keyword search instead.
  • Use the advanced search options and limit your results to music recordings.
  • We have lots of recordings that are not CDs-- remember vinyl? We even have some cassettes and reel-to-reel tapes. If you don't wish to see these results, limit your search to items published after 1984.    

Text by Greg Sigman

Here is an example of a recording found using the search above.