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Audio Examples

All of our CDs are cataloged and listed in ALICE. They're stored behind the circulation desk, so you'll have to bring us a call number and we'll pull the discs for you. Of course we're also happy to help you find the call number! Here are some tips for searching ALICE for recordings.

  • Composers, performers, conductors, and ensembles may all be searched as authors.
    • A title search is good for finding the titles of albums. It often works for titles of classical compositions. It rarely works for song titles. Pick a couple of unique words from the song title and do a keyword search instead.
  • Use the advanced search options and limit your results to music recordings.
  • We have lots of recordings that are not CDs-- remember vinyl? We even have some cassettes and reel-to-reel tapes. If you don't wish to see these results, limit your search to items published after 1984.    

Text by Greg Sigman

Screenshot of an ALICE Catalog Keyword Search screen, with "mozart" entered in the first "Any Field" search box, and "MUSIC RECORDING" selected under "Material Type"

A method for searching the ALICE Catalog: enter a search term in the first "Any Field:" search box, then select "MUSIC RECORDING" under "Material Type." Here is an example of a recording found searching for "mozart" using this method.

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