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Ohio University

Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Queer Resource Guide

Information and resources on LGBTQ studies for Ohio University students and faculty.

Finding LGBT books by subject and keyword searching

Subject Searching: Searching in ALICE using the Library of Congress subject headings can be very tricky to understand.  Each subject is assigned a "subject term" using something that is called "controlled vocabulary".  Think of how you would use the Yellow Pages in a phone book.  You wouldn't look under the name of the business you are searching for but the type of business it is. Go here: ALICE Subject Search 

The following are some examples of subject terms used in ALICE to describe gay men, lesbians, bisexuals, transgendered people and areas related to them:

Homophobia      Homosexual    Gay and lesbian studies   Gay couples    Gay parents  Bisexuals

Gay men -- Sexual behavior     Gays in the military   Lesbians     Lesbian athletes     Lesbians' writings

Gender Identity      Queer Theory   Transexuals    Transgender   Intersexuality  Same-sex marriage     

Keyword Searching: Searching by keyword allows you to find words mentioned in book titles, chapter titles, subjects, and author names.  Keyword searches can be combined to find books on two or more topics using AND or OR.  Searching by Subject Heading is more precise, but keywords searching casts a broader net. Go here:  ALICE Keyword Search