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Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Queer Resource Guide

Information and resources on LGBTQ studies for Ohio University students and faculty.

Finding information about family issues

Useful databases for finding information on family issue include:

GenderWatch and LGBT Life with Full Text 

Search these subjects for greater success:

  • Marriage
  • Marriage AND Equality
  • Marriage AND Gays & lesbians
  • Marriage AND Same sex marriage
  • Marriage AND Civil rights
  • Marriage AND Gay rights movement
  • Marriage AND Law

For GLBTQ families you should use these subject terms in the same databases:

  •  Gays & lesbians
  • Gays & lesbians AND Families & family life
  • Gays & lesbians AND Personal relationships
  • Gays & lesbians AND Parents & parenting
  • Gays & lesbians AND Interpersonal communication
  • Gays & lesbians AND Human relations
  • Gays & lesbians AND Marriage
  • Families & family life
Subjects: Social Sciences