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OHIO Celebrates Juneteenth

Ohio University Libraries is pleased to present acquisitions made in honor of Ohio University's annual Juneteenth celebration.

In 2022, two artists' books by Sauda Mitchell were acquired for the Juneteenth celebration: Finding Aid and Voyage.

About the artist: "Sauda Mitchell is an American printmaker, archivist, and educator from Winston-Salem, NC. She holds an Associate of Arts in Elementary Education from the University of Phoenix, a Bachelor of Arts in Communication Art with a minor in Art History from the Savannah College of Art and Design, a Master’s in Library and Information Science with a concentration in Archival Studies from Drexel University, and is certified by the Academy of Certified Archivists" (from the artist's website).

All images are courtesy of the artist and Booklyn.

Finding Aid

Finding Aid (Savannah, GA, 2021).

The author writes about Finding Aid: "In 2016 I was sifting through hundreds of archival collection materials from the W.W. Law Collection, a collection dedicated to prominent Civil Rights leader Westley Wallace Law (1923–2002). I began to contemplate the challenges that patrons often encounter when conducting archival research for the first time. Finding Aid is my creative response to sharing stories and connections pertaining to local Civil Rights activist in Savannah utilizing QR code technology and digitized primary sources."

Explore the digitized sources.

cover of finding aid, an accordion-style book
a print from finding aid, a linocut print of a woman
a print from finding aid, a linocut of a bird against a gridded pattern backdrop
artists' book finding aid unfolded; a long accordion-style book
artists' book finding aid folded up (an accordion style book)


Voyage (Savannah, GA, 2021) is one in an edition of five artists' books.

Artist's description: "Voyage intends to link viewers to history through type, text, and image. I want the wind sails, artist book, and poem to take viewers on a visual journey of the Middle Passage, the forced voyage of enslaved Africans across the Atlantic Ocean and to the Americas. The symbolism of the prints corresponds to lines in the poem, which I wrote while I was in graduate school. Here, you can see a family on a hazardous journey across the sea, leading to the separation of a mother and her child and the continued journey of the son away from the warmth of his mother and homeland to unwelcome shores."

Prints from this project include a QR code to, a digital project which makes publicly available primary materials documenting the forced relocation over 12 million people from Africa across the Atlantic, and the subsequent trafficking of hundreds of thousands across the Americas.

View an interview and page-turning video of Voyage.

the cover of artists' book voyage, a large folio bound in leather
cover page of voyage, with the title in large serif font
a close up shot of the poem from the artists' book voyage, printed in serif font with wide margins all around
a close up shot of overlapping linocut prints from voyage, with a foliage motif