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American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) Standards

Primary source for standards on materials in the United States, covering almost any material of interest, from cloth to steel. There are 15 broad subject categories, which cover "specifications, methods of testing procedures and recommended practices, definitions and proposed methods". Access: Print copies are on Floor 2, Alden Library at TA401 .A64.

The print version of the Annual book of ASTM standards no longer includes an index. So, to find out where a standard is located, you must go to the ASTM webpage (linked above), search for your standard and when you find it, click on the title of the standard to see the full record. Once you see the full record, you can identify the volume in which it appears by looking directly below the title of the standard to the “Book of Standards Volume.” The volume number will be in the following format: XX.XX (e.g. 02.01). Individual standards are arranged in numerical order, within each volume, from low to high.



  1. If you do not have a standard number or title, use a search engine (see above) to find a standard on your subject (Note that limited information is provided for the standards so choose your keywords carefully). Or you can directly search the organization that issued the standard website.
  2. With a standard number and/or title, search ALICE Catalog. Suggestions are
    1. Search for the standard number or a few key terms of the title as a keyword search or
    2. Look for standards by the organization that issued the standard (again a keyword search is recommended).
  3. If you cannot find the standard, request it through interlibrary loan - ILLiad.


If you need any help, just ask me.