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COMS 1030: Public Speaking

Use this site to help you choose your research topic and find information to back up your claims in your speeches.

Find books and book chapters in ALICE

If you need a book on your research topic, you'll want to look in ALICE.

  • ALICE lists the books, videos, magazines, journals and other materials owned or subscribed to by the Ohio University Libraries.
  • Information in books is usually much more in-depth and wider in breadth than you'd find in articles or news sources.
  • Many academic books are edited, with each chapter having its own title and author. So you may only need to read -- and cite the single chapter instead of the whole book.
  • Many books in ALICE show you the table of contents so you can see whether there is a particular chapter that would interest you.

Search the ALICE Catalog

When you find an item you want in ALICE, look for a call number. This will tell you where to find the book in the building. Take a look at the video on finding books in ALICE and Alden for more information.

If you get to the library and can't find the book you need, feel free to ask any staff member. On the 6th and 7th floors there is a phone you can use to call for help.

APA citation for a whole book:

Johnson-Woods, T. (2007). Blame Canada!: South Park and popular culture. New York, NY: Continuum.

APA citation for a book chapter:

Kashem, M. A. (2007). Use of television as a community media by farmers in Bangladesh. In K. Fuller (Ed.), Community media: International perspectives (pp. 69-76). New York, NY: Palgrave Macmillan.


Subjects: Communication