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COMS 1030: Public Speaking

Use this site to help you choose your research topic and find information to back up your claims in your speeches.

APA Citation Examples

APA Citation Examples

For for more details, check out the Purdue Online Writing Lab's guide to citations in APA style

Note:  APA requires double-space and hanging indent.

            This video shows you how to sent hanging indents in MS Word. 

            Also note: ironically, in this guide, there is no way to make the following examples hanging indent.  

Don't forget the hanging indent!

  • Book:
    • Johnson-Woods, T. (2007). Blame Canada!: South Park and popular culture. New York, NY: Continuum. 
  • Chapter from a Book:
    • Kashem, M. A. (2007). Use of television as a community media by farmers in Bangladesh. In K. Fuller (Ed.), Community media: International perspectives (pp. 69-76). New York, NY: Palgrave Macmillan. 
  • Journal Article:
    • Sinclair, J. (2009). The advertising industry in Latin America. International Communication Gazette, 71, 713-733. doi: 10.1177/1748048509345065
  • Statistics from a report:
    • Euromonitor International. Austria: Market Value - Historic - Value at Current Prices [Data file]. Available from
  • Online Newspaper:
    • Jacobs, A. (2010, April 1). Desprite strains, China leader to attend nuclear meeting in U.S. The New York Times. Retrieved from 
  • Website: 
    • Smith, A. (2011, June 1). Twitter update 2011. Retrieved from 
  • YouTube Video (more info from the APA Style blog):
    • Alden Library. (2012, July 25). How to find a book in Alden Library [Video file]. Retrieved from 
  • Data from Statista (Note: cite the creator/source of the data as the author, NOT Statista, but indicate that the information comes from the Statista website. This is basically a website citation.) 
    • International Telecommunication Union. (2011, October). Number of active mobile broadband subsciptions worldwide from 2005 to 2011 (in millions). Retrieved from 
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