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CLWR 3310: Old Testament

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Call Numbers

The call number ranges below are mostly on the 6th floor of Alden Library. Reference books (dictionaries, encyclopedias, etc.) are on the 2nd floor

This system of call numbers was established over 100 years ago at the Library of Congress and is consequently much more "Western-centric" than is the custom nowadays. Nonetheless, this will give you a good idea of where to browse in our collection for different aspects of world religions.

Subclass BM: Judaism

BM1-449 General
BM480-488.8 Pre-Talmudic Jewish literature (non-Biblical)
BM495-532 Sources of Jewish religion. Rabbinical literature
BM497-509 Talmudic literature
BM510-518 Midrash
BM520-523.7 Halacha
BM525-526 Cabala
BM529 Jewish tradition
BM534-538 Relation of Judaism to special subject fields
BM545-582 Principles of Judaism (General)
BM585-585.4 Controversial works against the Jews
BM590-591 Jewish works against Christianity and Islam
BM600-645 Dogmatic Judaism
BM646 Heresy, heresies
BM648 Apologetics
BM650-747 Practical Judaism
BM750-755 Biography
BM900-990 Samaritans

Subclass BS701-1830: The Old Testament

BS705-815 Early versions
BS825-1013 Modern texts and versions
BS1091-1099 Selections. Quotations
BS1110-1199 Works about the Old Testament
BS1160-1191.5 Criticism and interpretation
BS1200-1830 Special parts of the Old Testament

Here is a more detailed outline of the "B" section of the Library of Congress call number system.