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Leisure Travel & Tourism Industry

A guidebook to key resources for the industry

Consumers & Customers

Use these resources to better understand the travel industry's consumers and customers.  These resources will provide consumer demographics, customer trends, buying behavior, and more. 

  • You'll find some great articles and case studies in WARC -- simply search for "travel" or "tourism" to get started.
  • Another way to search is to browse to the WARC industry page, scroll all the way to the bottom of the page, and find the categories of Transport and Tourism. 

Use Simmons to create a basic Demographic Profile of Travel Consumers

  1. Under the Essentials menu, click the Quick Reports link
  2. Use the Drop-down menu under "ALL" to open the Dictionary
  3. Browse to either the Lifestyle Statements --> Travel, or to the Travel category and select a variable
  4. Add the variable to your target using the "Target" button
  5. Click "Run Analysis" to view your Demographic Profile
  • Search for vacations, travel, hotels, airlines or browse by category to find relevant market research reports and analyst insights