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Leisure Travel & Tourism Industry

A guidebook to key resources for the industry

Industry Reports & Statistics

The databases below contain industry overviews, analysis, and statistics.  Use each resource to  gather a significant understanding of the travel and tourism industry.  

If there's a single place to get started, Passport is it.  Here you'll find reports for both the large Travel & Tourism Industry as well as the various sectors of the industry.  

Be sure to check out the Tips tab as Passport can be tricky to use.  


The video below demonstrates how to find some great reports in Passport for the industry and the industry sectors.  

In addition to the industry reports, I also recommend checking out the Consumer LIfestyle reports for a general overview of consumers.  To find those reports

  1.  Click the Consumers tab
  2. Click the Lifestyles tab on the next page
  3. Use the Explore Analysis box to select a Geography


Ibisworld has a good report for Tourism in the US, as well as reports on hotels, airlines,  travel agencies, amusement parks, etc.  

I suggest you find the Tourism in the US report (search for tourism) then find the reports on the About page for Related Industries. 

I also encourage you to visit US Industry Reports (NAICS) page and scroll down to find the reports for Recreation in the US and Accommodation in the US. There you may find other useful reports for your research. 

Statista is pretty straight forward to use.  Search by keyword to find relevant statistics.  

When you find a useful statistic, make sure you check out the "Source Link" to find additional information. 


Use to find reports for the industry sectors of the overall Travel & Tourism Industry.  You'll find reports for:

  • Travel agencies
  • hotels
  • recreation and vacation camps
  • bed and breakfast inns
  • lodging