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Outdoor Recreation Industry Guide

Industry analysis, consumer trends, and participant data for the outdoor recreation industry the relevant activities

Websites for Industry Statistics and Trends

Below are a few trade sites and organizations that provide useful information on the outdoor industry.  I will add to the list as I discover additional useful links. 

Tools for Broad Industry Research

  • IbisWorld is a great resource to get a broad understanding of large industries within the United States.

  • Use this as an introduction to industries to become more familiar with what’s happening in your prospective industry.

  • Because the reports are so specific, you won't find anything for "outdoor industry," but rather reports for hunting, fishing, hiking stores, parks, etc. which you can use to understand the broader outdoor industry. 


  • First Research is a nice compliment to IbisWorld and will also cover broad industries.

  • Use First Research to get a different perspective on the industry than IbisWorld offers.

  • Suggested reports include "Recreational and Vacation Camps," "Recreatonal Vehicle Parks / Dealers," "Boat Dealers," etc. 

  • Use Statista to find statistics on outdoor activities.
  • For example, a search for "mountain biking" or "trail running" is likely to be more fruitful than "outdoor industry."

Articles About the Industry

  • Use Business Source Complete to find trade publications, articles and reports about the outdoor industry and its activities.
  • Businses Source Complete is also a good place to look for articles about ecotourism and outdoor recreation and tourism. 
  • Search Environment Complete for the same terms you used in Business Source Complete.
  • You'll find articles from mostly environmental and ecological publications, as opposed to business articles, which can give you a look at the industry through a different lens. 
  • Use a similar search strategy in Hospitality & Tourism Complete to get articles from travel and tourism publications.
  • Once again, this can give you a different perspective on the outdoor industry and its activities.