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RFM 2150: Elementary Textiles

Lisa William's Textiles Class

Words! Words are often still in flux

Searching in Articles Plus, I found this: 

Wu, Y., Mechael, S. S., Lerma, C., Carmichael, R. S., & Carmichael, T. B. (2020). Stretchable Ultrasheer Fabrics as Semitransparent Electrodes   for Wearable Light-Emitting e-Textiles with Changeable Display Patterns. Matter2(4), 882–895.


  • wearable electronics
  • e-textiles
  • stretchable electronics
  • electroless metallization
  • light-emitting devices
  • conductive fabrics
  • stretchable ACEL devices
  • gold-coated fabrics
  • knitted nylon/spandex fabric

This is on my topic! yeah!

I can grow my list of resources from here by marking and re-searching words that show up in an article's description. 

There are many ways to say "Sustainable Fashion"

As usual, we'd start with Articles Plus for any cross-disciplinary topic like this one.  

But the terms being used to describe "sustainable fashion" are still changing.   Here are some I've come across. 

  • eco-design
  • corporate social responsibility / CR
  • ecofashion / eco fashion
  • eco-friendly
  • ecological impact / ecolog*
  • environmental aspects / environment*
  • green products
  • globalization
  • moral and ethical aspects / ethic* 
  • recycled products / recycl*
  • social aspects
  • sustainable design / sustainabl*
  • slow fashion

You would AND one or more of these terms to the fashion subtopic that interests you, for example;