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RFM 2150: Elementary Textiles

Lisa William's Textiles Class

E-books about Innovative Textiles

Our Collection of e-books about textiles continues to grow. The titles below are just a sample.


Luckily, a search in ALICE or  OhioLink will bring up SPECIFIC CHAPTERS on your topic. 

                                          ( I'm finding unique things in OhioLink, so I recommend doing both.) 


For example, the book  Product Innovation in the Global Fashion Industry   doesn't look like it would be on my topic of breathable textiles, but I did a search on       "Breath* and apparel"     in OhioLInk, and discovered this chapter:

                                                          The Geox: The Shoe That Breathes.

Because it is e-available you can use that chapter for your research.  

                                                                                                                                               Great stuff.