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RFM 1600: Color Theory

To aid students of Trina Gannon's 1600

The Mary C. Doxsee Historic Clothing Collection

The Doxsee Collection is "over 2,500 historical costume pieces that range from an 1820's day dress to 1920's scarab beetle hairpins to 1980's color block tops and everything in-between. The Doxsee Collection prides itself on being a teaching tool for individual student use, classroom presentations, community outreach and other roles"

Contact Trina Gannon for more information or to see items in the collection. 

Trina Gannon Blair
Assistant Professor of Instruction
Retail and Fashion Merchandising

Three clothing items from the historic Doxsee collection at Ohio: a green and white band uniform, a pink 50's prom dress, and a blue and white quilt.