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RFM 1600: Color Theory

To aid students of Trina Gannon's 1600

WGSN for 1600


WGSN has a section for Visual Merchandising. Hint: OPEN WGSN, before you click on that link! 

Use the drop-down menus to refine the reports here. 

page image from WGS showing VM reports, and a drop down box with limiters for analytics, brands, intelligence, etc.

WGSN's Design Library includes flats, colour library, materials, and a graphics directory. 

page from WGSN design library menu showing colour library, artwork, design components, and graphics directory

OUR Database: WGSN: Worth Global Style Network

person in brightly colored silks dances, causing the shirt to billow up. WGSN is a visual tour of what's happening in design around the world:  

  • clothing
  • store design
  • accessories
  • home decor  

Also, don't miss Interiors, a subset of WGSN about Interior Design. 

To save and use images, just right click and copy, then paste into Powerpoint!  Our license allows internal use.  -OR-  

Set up an account, and then use the suitcase icon to find your WORKSPACE where you can save, collect, and corganize images and reports. 


Going to will not work off campus; you must go through the library's WGSN page to access our subscription. You will login with your Ohio ID.