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Transgender Health Research Resources and Toolkit

An evidence-based toolkit to enhance effectiveness in providing LGBTQ+, specifically transgender, medical-surgical care through content, improving faculty instruction, enhancing nursing students' experiences, and improving healthcare outcomes.

1804 Endowment Information

Nursing faculty member Elizabeth Delaney collaborated with Hanna Schmillen, Head of Research Services and the Health Sciences Librarian, to submit a proposal for the 1804 Special Library Endowment Fund. This grant aims to enable Ohio University Libraries to develop distinctive collections by providing a means to purchase materials outside the scope and limits of regular acquisitions funds. The 1804 Endowment monies are applied toward the purchase of specialized collections and individual items of rare or otherwise extraordinary value that support faculty and student research and learning.

Delaney and Schmillen's request was to develop resources for the School of Nursing focused on foundational materials for transgender medical-surgical nursing care, to be disseminated across nursing programs and campuses. The School of Nursing is accredited by the World Professional Association for Transgender Health (WPATH), which provides access to core competencies for healthcare curriculum development, of which these resources are a key component.

Furthermore, these resources, paired with relevant and quality open-access resources, and this guide, act as an evidence-based resource toolkit to enhance faculty and nurse effectiveness in providing LGBTQ+ medical-surgical content for transgender medical-surgical care. With this toolkit, evidence-based faculty instruction will be strengthened and more consistent, nursing students' experiences with diverse healthcare will be enhanced, and positive healthcare outcomes for a marginalized population served by Ohio University nursing graduates may occur.

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Dr. Elizabeth Delaney DNP, APRN, FNP-BC (email linked)
Professor/Graduate Clinical Lead
Ohio University
School of Nursing

Head of Subject Liaison Services & Health Sciences & Professions Librarian

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Hanna Schmillen
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