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Music Education

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Below is a list of call number classifications for particular topics relating to music education. You can simply browse the collections in these area as an alternative to searching in the ALICE catalog.


M1990-1998 Secular Vocal Music for Children
M2190-2196 Sacred Vocal Music for Children
ML3928-3930 Literature for Children
MT1       General Works on Instruction
MT2.5    Music Study Abroad
MT3-5    History of Instruction and Study
MT5.5-7 Music Theory
MT9-15    Printed Pedagogical Aids
   MT9 Examinations, Exercises, etc.
   MT10   . Teachers' and Supervisors' Manuals, Etc
   MT15 Charts, Diagrams, Etc.
   MT17 Music in Special Education
   MT18 Music in Colleges and Universities
   MT20-34 Systems and Methods
   MT85 Conducting.  Score Reading and Playing
   MT88 Administation and Instruction of Vocal Groups
   MT150 Audio Visual Aids
   MT155 Music Theory for Children  
MT170-810 Instrumental Techniques
   MT179-258 Keyboard Instruments
   MT259-338 Stringed Instruments, Bowed String Instruments
   MT339-533 Wind Instruments
   MT539-654 Plucked Instruments
   MT655-725 Percussion and Other Instruments
   MT728-735   Ensembles
   MT740-810    Instrumental Techniques for Children
MT820-915 Singing and Vocal Technique
   MT898-915 Vocal Techniques for Children
   MT918-948 School Music
   MT920-925 Kindergarten
   MT930-948 Elementary Schools. Junior High Schools. High Schools

Searchable Subject Headings

Subject headings are useful for searching library catalogs and databases by topic. The list of subject headings below is for those related to music education:

Subjects: Music