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OHIO Libraries 2020 Homecoming


Cheerleaders, Ohio University homecoming parade, 1990

Ohio University homecoming parade, 1990

In this historic year, Ohio University Libraries invites students, alumni, and community members to participate in OHIO's first-ever virtual Homecoming celebration. In the tradition of Homecoming events of years past, our 2020 offerings aim to immerse participants in activities that reflect our shared history and community. Former visitors will recall the Libraries' annual hands-on display of archival materials— including yearbooks, original photographs, and University artifacts—available for all to study and reminisce. In its absence, organizers within the Libraries hope to recreate the same opportunities for fellowship and discovery with this year's virtual Homecoming plans. Join us as we celebrate and make history!

The Libraries' 2020 offerings include the release of an interactive web map designed to invite public participation. Mapping Memories: OHIO Bobcats Share Their Stories will debut during Homecoming week and serve as an ongoing public archive highlighting the unique sites and experiences of our campus community.

During Homecoming week, the Libraries will also premiere the recorded presentation "A Somewhat Brief and Very Random History of Student Expression on Ohio University's Campus, 1812-2018" during which University Archivist Bill Kimok will detail the influence of student voices and the evolution of University policy throughout the institution's history.

Both “Mapping Memories” and the presentation on student expression will debut October 5th. Participants are encourage to explore the map and view the recorded presentation in advance of a live Q&A that the Libraries is hosting on October 8th to discuss both. The online event is scheduled to open with a quick preview of each, followed by a live Q&A session with Kimok and Erin Wilson, digital imaging specialist and creator of the digital map. Be sure to register to receive an “invitation to attend” link from Microsoft Teams.

Read more about these events at the Libraries New Blog and Ohio Today.

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