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French Language and Literature

Full-text sources, language tools, literary criticism and more

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Call Numbers

The call number ranges below are mostly on the 7th floor of Alden Library. Reference books (dictionaries, encyclopedias, etc.) are on the 2nd floor.

French Language

PC2001-3761 French Language
PC2700-(3708)     Dialects. Provincialisms
PC2813-(2898)       Old French
PC3201-3366       Provençal (old)
PC3371-3420.5       Modern patois of South France
PC3420.8-3495       Langue d'Oc dialects
PC3721-3761    Slang. Argot

Finding Books in French

If you want to search ALICE for books written in French, you can use one of the Advanced Search options in ALICE's Keyword search:
  1. Start at the Keyword search screen in ALICE
  2. Enter one or more words in the search box(es)
  3. Click on Show/Hide Advanced Options
  4. At the Language option, choose French
  5. Click on the Search button
If you want to find everything in ALICE in French, enter an asterisk  (  in the search box instead of words, then proceed with the rest of the procedure outlined above. This search will find all French language books, movies, periodicals, etc. in ALICE.


French Literature

PQ1-3999 French literature
PQ1-771    History and criticism
PQ1-150       General
PQ151-221       Medieval. Old French
PQ226-310       Modern
PQ400-491       Poetry
PQ500-591       Drama
PQ601-771       Prose and prose fiction
PQ(781)-841)    Folk literature
PQ845    Juvenile literature
PQ1100-1297     Collections
PQ1100-1145       General
PQ1160-1193       Poetry
PQ1211-1241       Drama
PQ1243-1297       Prose
PQ1300-1595    Old French literature (to ca. 1500/1550)
PQ1300-1391       Collections
PQ1411-1595       Individual authors and works
PQ1411-1545          to 1350/1400
PQ1551-1595          (14th-) 15th century (to ca. 1525)
PQ1600-2726    Modern Literature
PQ1600-1709       16th century
PQ1710-1935       17th century
PQ1947-2147       18th century
PQ2149-2551       19th century
PQ2600-2651       1900-1960
PQ2660-2686       1961-2000
PQ2700-2726       2001-
PQ3800-3999    Provincial, local, colonial, etc.