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DMPTool @ Ohio University

User guide for DMPTool, a system that simplifies creating data management plans (DMPs)

When In Doubt, Look About

DMPTool Public Plans

When creating your data management plan, it can be helpful to see how other researchers have written theirs. The DMPTool has a listing of Public Plans that other researchers have made available for public viewing. You are able to search for public plans created by researchers from specific institutions or you can search plans by funder. Either way, looking at how other researchers in your discipline have written DMPs may help you write yours.  Please note that funder requirements may change over time, so older DMPs may not have all of the elements that a specific funder may currently require.  However, they may still be helpful in providing generalized help in writing your plan. 

Examples of DMPTool Public Plans by Funder:

National Institutes of Health 

National Science Foundation

National Endowment for the HUmanities




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