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CLAR 2130: Near Eastern and Egyptian Archaeology

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Call Numbers

Below is a simplified outline of the main call number ranges for ancient history, art, and archaeology. Archaeological site reports will usually be in the History and Archaeology call number ranges, which are mostly in the Fine Arts Library, although it is worth looking on the 6th floor, too.

Ancient History (3rd and 6th floors; a few reference books on 2nd floor)

DE Ancient Mediterranean
DF1-DF289 Greece
DG1-DG365 Rome
DS56 Ancient Near East
DS68-DS75 Mesopotamia
DS80-DS111 Lebanon, Syria, Judea
DS156 Asia Minor
DT57-DT73 Egypt


Fine Arts (3rd floor)

N5315-N5900 Ancient Art in general
  N5350-N5351 Egypt
  N5370-N5380 Mesopotamia
  N5390 Persia
  N5410-N5440 Phoenicia
  N5460 Judea and Syria
  N5480-N5560 Asia Minor
  N5603-N5720 Greece
  N5740-N5790 Italy and Rome
  N5899 Other areas
NA210-NA349 Ancient Architecture
  NA215-216 Egypt
  NA220-NA221 Mesopotamia
  NA225-NA226 Persia
  NA230-NA231 Phoenicia
  NA240-NA245 Judea and Syria
  NA250-NA251 Asia Minor
  NA260-NA290 Greece
  NA295-NA340 Italy and Rome
NB69-NB169 Ancient Sculpture
  NB75 Egypt
  NB80 Mesopotamia and Persia
  NB90-NB105 Greece
  NB108-NB120 Italy and Rome
  NB130 Other areas
  NB133 Greek and Roman Relief Sculpture
  NB134-NB143 Bronze
  NB145-NB159 Terra Cotta
  NB160-NB165 Sculptural Topics, e.g., mythological figures, people
NC55-NC65 Drawing
ND49-ND136 Painting
  ND75 Egypt
  ND110-ND115 Greece
  ND120-ND127 Italy and Rome
  ND130 Other areas