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Geography: Cartography, Remote Sensing and GIS

Library and online resources for cartography, remote sensing and GIS.


Many of the resources listed are limited to members of Ohio University. If you are using the Guide off-campus, you will need to do a brief login to identify yourself as a member of Ohio University before you can use these resources.

Google Scholar

Logo for Google Scholar


Google Scholar searches for scholarly journals, books, theses, conference papers, etc.

Some things to note:

  • It lacks most of the search limiting functions of other article databases.
  • Google does not make clear what journals it searches or excludes or what years are covered.
  • Google's definition of "scholarly" may not agree with ours!
  • Never pay for an article! C&P the title into Articles Plus to see if we have it. IF not, use Interlibrary Loan to request it for free.


    Did you know?
  • You can set  Google Scholar to find the full text of articles in OU Libraries:
    • Click on the Settings icons for google scholaricon.
    • Configure the settings like this:Google scholar settings as described above
    •  find it link in google scholarshould show up in your search results. You may have to login to get to the full text.  
Subjects: Geography