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Communication Studies

Where are the COMS books in the Library?

Where are the COMS books in the LIbrary?
Area in the Library Stacks Subject                                            
T 10.5 - T 11.9 Tech Writing, Professional Communication
P 87 - P 100 Media, Culture, Society, Mass Comm, Media and Psych
PN 4001 - PN 4500 Rhet Comp, Public Speaking, Debate
PN 172 - PN 189  Rhetoric in Writing, Rhet Theory
HM 258 Class, Culture and Comm, Intercultural Comm
HM 1206 Media and Society
HM 1211 Intercultural Comm
HM 741 - HM 742 Social Media and Society
JA 85 Political Comm, Propaganda, Media and Politics
R 118 Health Comm
BF 637.C45 Nonverbal Comm
HD 30.3 Org Comm, Strategic Comm, Management Comm


Subjects: Communication