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Communication Studies

Beginning with a Citation

Sometimes you will have a citation for an article and need to locate the full text so you can read. This usually occurs when a professor or fellow student shares a citation with you. Or when you've read a reference source or another article that includes a bibliography. Follow these steps to find an article from the citation.

We'll use this article as an example:

Baker, L. R., & Oswald, D. L. (2010). Shyness and online social networking services. Journal Of Social & Personal Relationships, 27(7), 873-889. doi:10.1177/0265407510375261

Try searching for the title of the article in Articles Plus or Google Scholar. Often the PDF Full Text of the article will be here or you can use the FindIt! with Linksource link to access the full text. 

This video shows you how to set up Google Scholar to show you FindIt! links to Ohio University Libraries resources. 


  1. Identify the journal and search for it in ALICE:
    • This article is from the Journal of Social & Personal Relationships. So I need to find out whether the library subscribes to this journal.
    • Use the periodical search to look for this journal and see if we have a subscription
  2. In many cases, you'll see an ALICE page for both a paper copy of the journal and an online version as is the case for this journal. You'll see that the online version has [electronic resource] in the title.
  3. I can see that we have this journal in the OhioLINK Electronic Journal Center from 1984 to the present. Since this article was published in 2010, I should be able to find the article in the OhioLINK EJC.
  4. Once you get to the website that hosts the online journal, browse for the year and issue you need.
  5. If you can't find the article you want, you can always ask a librarian for help. Talk to me or talk to one of my library colleagues.
  6. If the article isn't available online, then we are usually able to get them in 1-2 business days via InterLibrary Loan.