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Communication Studies

Find a Book in the Library

Search for books by going to the Library Homepage and selecting the ALICE Catalog from the drop-down menu. Notice in the record below that the book's location is Alden 6th Floor and the status is "Available" meaning that it is on the shelf and available to use. If there is anything other than "Available" in the status section, you can then select the "SearchOhioLINK" button to the right of the title and look for an available copy to request.

Example of an item details in Alice Catalog

When you exit the elevator on the sixth floor, look at the directional signage on the wall facing the elevators. You can see that if the call number for your book is F 106 .F47 2019 you will need to turn left and follow the signs on the ends of the shelves until you get to the F-section.

directional signs on 6th floor of Alden Library

Once you find the correct row of shelving, walk down the aisle until you find the shelves containing books that start with F 106.

Photo of an isle sign

As you can see Appalachian North is correctly shelved with the other books on the shelf.

photo of Appalachian North on shelf

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