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Better Research Posters

QR Codes

How do I create a QR code of my Research Paper? 

  1. Upload your Research paper to Google Drive or OneDrive  

    • Note that all OU affiliates can access their OneDrive through their Ohio Catmail. 

    • Make sure the access on this paper is for “Anyone with a link”. 

  2. Go to QR Code Monkey and paste your link into the "Your URL" box. 

  3. You have the option below the link box to change the color, add an image, or customize the QR code. If you're fine with how it looks, let's move on.

  4. Click on the green button that says "Create QR Code" then click on blue button that says "Download PNG" 

  5. Once you've downloaded the PNG file, you can add it to your research poster like you would any image. 


How do I scan a QR code? 

  1. Pull out your phone and open your camera app
  2. hover over the QR code
  3. A link should pop up on the camera screen for your to tap on


How can I link the QR to my research paper, a copy of my poster, and my contact details?  


Try creating a multi-page link for free with Link Tree. You can sign up for free and create a mobile interface for all your research items!