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FAQs for Business Research

A collection for business research frequently-asked-questions, how-to's, and other random research tips.

Safari eBooks

O'Reilly Safari ebooks require a different login process compared to many online resources available through OU Libraries.

To access O'Reilly Safari ebooks you will need to start from the Ohio University Libraries website.

A database search for "Safari Books Online" will get you to this page: From there, click the purple "Connect" button to visit this resource.

First time users, and those who haven't used Safari in a while, will be asked to "Select your institution" from a dropdown menu.  Ohio University is not included on this list, so select "Not Listed? Click here" to continue.

O'Reilly welcome page asking users to "Select your institution"

Select "Not listed? Click here" from the top of the list on the O'Reilly welcome page


You will then be asked to login, which can be done in two ways:


O'Reilly login page with two options for logging in



(1)  If you do not have O'Reilly Safari account you can enter your email to gain temporary access.  After doing so, O'Reilly will send you an email with information and a link to create a password-protected account, which will grant access to all of Safari's content and features.

(2)  If you already have an O'Reilly Safari account you must use the link that reads "Already a user? Click here."  You will then be directed to a screen where you can login with your Safari account, or if necessary reset your password.


Note: If you get a message that says "Unable to create user" under the login box, it means O'Reilly has associated your email with non-academic access to their ebooks.  The most common cause is previously creating a Free Trial account with O'Reilly using your OU email.  Once the 30-day trial ends, you will lose access and your email will no longer be associated with OU's academic subscription. 

If you experience this error, the quickest solution is to email directly. However, if you have any trouble with this please contact the OU Libraries staff for assistance.