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ANTH 4620/5620: Human Rights in Northern Ireland

For the class ANTH 4620, ANTH 5620, and other researchers interested in human rights and Northern Ireland.

Start Here: What This Guide Is About

This guide is for researchers working on questions regarding Human Rights in Northern Ireland. 

The tabs on the side take specific subtopics in this question and offer important articles and reports, books and other help for each topic. 

The first tab for a topic will link to books; the subtab will link to articles and reports.  Some parts are still under construction.  


Start here! On this page:

  • Books that consider the situation as a whole, or cover many of the topics at once
  • Links to library resources and pertinent subject headings 
  • Sherri Saines, Subject Librarian for the Social Sciences, your host and helper. Please just ask. 

General Books on Human Rights in Northern Ireland

Why Do I Care About Subject Headings?

Because  librarians have already decided the exact words they will always use to describe a thing, despite the many different ways one might express an idea.  Everything in our catalog that is about that thing will have the same string of words attached to it. 

A book about how people live in Northern Ireland will always have the subject heading, "Northern Ireland -- Social Conditions" attached to it, so clicking that subject heading takes me straight to the rest of the books on the subject, without having to imagine those 10 other ways to say that. Nifty, eh?